Accepting the Universe

John BurroughsThough better known for his nature writings and as a major figure in America’s early conservation movement, John Burroughs (1837-1921) wrote many philosophical essays that showed him to be a kindred spirit of Emerson’s.

I’ve been reading the collection Accepting the Universe and will be quoting him quite a bit in this blog. I have a special fondness for Burroughs, not just for his point of view, but because he lived most of his life and made most of his observations in the Hudson Valley near Kingston. Here is an excerpt from his introduction to Accepting the Universe:

“I want nothing less than a faith founded upon a rock, faith in the constitution of things. The various man-made creeds are fictitious, like the constellations Orion, Cassiopeia’s Chair, the Big Dipper; the only thing real in them is the stars, and the only thing real in the creeds is the soul’s aspiration toward the Infinite.”

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