Brit Hume, Tiger Woods and forgiveness

Blogs and message boards have been going crazy over a clip of Brit Hume suggesting that Tiger Woods reject Buddhism and embrace Christianity if he has any hope of receiving forgiveness and redemption for his marital infidelity.

As much as it pains me to post anything connected with Fox News, here is the clip:

The reactions to this clip run the gamut from praise for Hume’s declaration of faith to outrage over his slap at Buddhism as somehow an inferior source of forgiveness.

I have read that Hume embraced his Christian faith more fully after his son’s suicide. If his faith has been a source of strength and solace for him, I can completely understand his wanting to share that with others in distress. But he could have done that without denigrating Buddhism.

It seems that Hume knows very little about Buddhism. And it seems to me that turning to Christianity (or any faith, for that matter) won’t absolve Tiger of his transgressions. If he is truly sorry, it is up to each individual — starting with his wife — to decide to forgive.

And I forgive Brit Hume for his poor choice of words.

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