108 Gates: Nobody said it was easy

I’ve hit the “reset” button on my 108 Gates Challenge.

I awoke this morning to realize I’d only managed 40 minutes yesterday.

Not that the previous 40 days were any easier. I started out doing three 20-minute sittings a day — morning, afternoon and evening.  After a few weeks, the middle sitting seemed to be more of an interruption to my work than a peaceful respite. Sure, it was just 20 minutes, but my mind would never quite settle down, anxious to resume my projects.

I then bookended my days with two 30-minute sittings. That didn’t help much, especially in the evening when there’s a lot to do with the kids (the all-too-familiar challenge of finishing homework and getting to bed on time).

So yesterday I decided to try four 10-minutes sittings scattered throughout the day and a final 20-minute sitting before bed. Seemed like a good idea since I was already in the habit of taking short breaks away from the computer. But I lost track of my total time, and gate 41 remains intact (in case I didn’t mention this before, students who complete the challenege are referred to as “gatebusters”).

I’m not kicking myself over it, though. Yes, my heart sank a little, but then I saw it for what it was: lack of mindfulness (which has also manifested itself as creeping clutter in my office, but that’s for another post).

I begin again.

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