Rebirth reconsidered

As if on schedule, my soon-to-be-seventeen-year-old daughter was having an existential crisis.

“What’s the point of living?” she said. “We’re just going to die anyway. And we’re not going to remember any of it.”

I was actually proud of her, and said so, which she found puzzling. I told her these thoughts were perfectly normal, that I would be worried if she wasn’t having them. What was more shocking to me was the next thing I said.

“Besides,” I continued, referring to our not remembering anything after we’re dead, “you don’t know that for sure.”

I could see this came as a shock to her as well. The idea of any sort of afterlife is not something taken seriously in this house. As far as we are concerned, when you die, it’s lights out.  Continue reading “Rebirth reconsidered”